Wishing You a Magical Holiday

  • Dec 21, 2017

Christmas, and the holidays during this time of year, symbolize a spirit of love and giving and spending time with special family traditions.  At Magical Marketing we feel blessed to celebrate 16 years of business with you this year.    

This holiday we wanted to share with you some ideas where we can give back to our community and hope you can join us in the "attitude of gratitude" this holiday season.     

Here's some ideas: 

-Buy a new toy(s) to donate at a Toys for Tot Drive. 

-Have your kids choose a child from an Angel Tree and buy a Christmas present for them. 

-Take up a collection of new toys and donate them to children in a hospital. 

-Donate gently used toys and clothes to the Goodwill, Salvation Army or another local charity. 

-Ask your pastor or preacher if there's a family at your church that you can anonymously support through the holidays. 

-Volunteer and help serve a meal at a soup kitchen. 

-Ask your school principal if there is a family in need that you can help. 

-Invite someone without family nearby to celebrate Christmas with you. 

-Go grocery shopping and buy needed food items for your local Food Bank. 

-Make a special Christmas donation to your favorite charity or organization.   

No matter how you plan to share, give or enjoy, we hope you have a blessed and safe Holiday Season.