Gratitude and Thoughtfulness in 2018

  • Jan 25, 2018

The Holiday rush is over and if you're like many of us, the Christmas decorations are put away.  It seems so simple in our home after the hustle, bustle and glow of the holidays.  Perhaps this simple space is just the time we need to think about the  year ahead.  We're not talking about resolutions, but rather a few moments to contemplate your big picture thoughts using  "Creative Visualization".  Here you actually close your eyes, picture how you'd like things to be, take a few moments,  and visualize it. 

Studies show in doing so, you put your subconscious to work deliberating on  ways to turn your vision into reality.  My visualization usually starts with gratitude.  Today we have so much to be thankful for.  However, we often overlook it due to the "negative noise" that filters into our lives.  This comes through the news, personal hardships or issues with health.  But despite these, there are many, many things to be optimistic about.  In his recent guest contribution in Time Magazine, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates reminds us to be grateful for how far we have come.  He shares the following:

On the whole, the world is getting better.  

This is not some naively optimistic view; it’s backed by data. Look at the number of children who die before their fifth birthday. Since 1990, that figure has been cut in half. That means 122 million children have been saved in a quarter- century, and countless families have been spared the heartbreak of losing a child. 

And that’s just one measure. In 1990, more than a third of the global population lived in extreme poverty; today only about a tenth do...Women are gaining political power and now make up more than a fifth of members of national parliaments — and the world is finally starting to listen when women speak up about sexual assault. More than 90% of all children in the world attend primary school. In the U.S., you are far less likely to die on the job or in a car than your grandparents were. And so on.

If we follow the lead of Bill Gates and reflect on what is right in our world, 2018 can be a year of gratitude and thoughtfulness!

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